Only For You  - Genna Rulon If you walk away from this read with anything at all it will be the tools and the knowledge needed to keep yourself safe. Only for You is a romance and so much more.

It’s a story of roommates in college nearing graduation and living with the fear of a potential serial rapist/murder on the loose. A school sponsored self-defense class is where the roommates meet the hotty instructor Hunter. Everleigh, in an attempt to bring levity, is caught joking around and is asked to leave. Making an example out of her, Hunter tosses Everleigh out. Teary eyed Everleigh decides to shake it off and get ready her first class of the semester.

Well looky who is sitting behind Everleigh in class……. Uh huh. You got it - Hunter. This begins the cat and mouse of enemies, friends, and wannabe lovers. With the mystery of who could be after the woman of Hensley University, everyone is a potential suspect. The girls start to question motives and actions of those around them. Hunter becomes a fixture in the girl’s lives and a constant monitor.

I like the overall story very much. The girls are great, the chemistry between Hunter and Everleigh was spot on, and the mystery keeps you guessing right up until the end. My only criticism would be to tone down on the info. At times I felt like I was reading a pamphlet instead of a romance. If you want to give a girl heading off to college a subtle safely lesson with a hint of romance and mystery, this is your book. It really is a great start to a new series.

All in all 4 STARS for romance, info and mystery.

Given by the Author in exchange for an honest review