Soul Survivor - Katana Collins I just can’t say it enough - I LOVE THIS SERIES. I’m not sure it’s getting the attention it deserves. If you haven’t read book one: Soul Stripper, stop what you’re doing and go get it. It’s a PNR that every book lover must read. The characters are great and I am invested in all of them. The pace is fast, the sex sizzles, and the story lines don’t disappoint.

Soul Survivor starts pretty much where we left off in Soul Stripper. Monica, fallen angel and succubus with a touch of witch, is still dealing with a broken heart…many broken hearts. She just can’t seem to catch a break. The reader travels back and forth through flashbacks to when it all began for Morgan: how she fell from grace, and ultimately how she became the succubus she is today. I enjoyed discovering her beginnings. It’s sad to see how naive and trusting she was. It’s also enraging to see how things were never fully explained and shared with her until it was all too late. It’s a wonder Morgan isn’t more cynical to the world around her. Especially after the realization that she’s been seemingly used by every man in her life. It’s a bitter-sweet story that endears her even more to me.

There is plenty of sexy time. Unlike other books, it seems secondary to the heart of Morgan’s character. It’s her food, not love. Getting others to recognize this is often hard, and doesn’t work well in relationships.

The plotline is a good one. There are murders to solve, and with a connection to many of the characters, it causes a great mystery to the who and why of it all. I won’t go into much more detail, as you can get the gist of it in the cover write up. It’s a fantastic follow up to book one and I CANNOT WAIT until book three, Soul Surrender, is released in April of 2014!

5 STARS for an amazing series by an amazing writer.

Release Date September 24, 2013
*Given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review