A Little Too Far - Lisa Desrochers
A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers

Wow, just wow. I was completely transfixed on this book from beginning to end. It is one of those instances where I was just drawn in. Whether it was the writing style, or the story, or just a captivating premise I was hooked. It’s a modern day Thorn Birds of sorts. I do know that I absolutely loved it.

Lexie was fifteen when her father married and brought a woman with a sixteen year old son into their family. A bond formed and grew into a fierce friendship. They have shared everything from heartaches to tattoos. One night, however, it all culminates into territory that siblings aren’t supposed to go into.
Well, at least not in their Catholic upbringing anyway. Lexie soon heads off to a year of study in Rome leaving her relationship with Trent an awkward, miserable mess.

Seeking to understand and handle the guilt she feels, Lexie tries to find absolution in the church and meets Alessandro - just six months shy of the priesthood and too sexy for words. A friendship forms through a mission Lexie has been given by a priest to help Alessandro with some of the youth. Being an art major, Lexie tours the Vatican, museums, and galleries forming a friendship that confuses our sweet priest wannabe. All the while Lexi still can’t forget or get over Trent. But can she with Alessandro? Is it fair to either of them if she does?

I loved Lexie’s character. She is struggling to come to terms with her feelings, and wanting to learn from her surroundings and understand the people she affects and their actions in turn. It is a story of self discovery and realization. We get a lesson in art, and having been to the Vatican myself I felt transported back. It’s great writing with funny witty characters. So high praise to the author, Lisa Desrochers, for a wonderful read!

*Given via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

My one negative? I wish it had a better cover. All the time spent in Rome with the rich descriptions should lend better to cover art.