Real - Katy Evans My first thoughts after reading…..

What can I say…… candy! Katy Evans gives good sexual tension. LOL! Cause 50% of the book is just that. Straight up tension. Too be honest it is the same old lust/love at first sight. You know what I mean.” I saw him/her and just had to have him/her.” Instant love. Instant chemistry. And YES there is a “You are like my drug/heroin” reference.

My thoughts after giving it more thought……

The chemistry is amazing. And for whatever reason my mind has drifted back to this book days and weeks later. So that tells me there is something there. A character that has drawn me in against my will. A story that has somehow made me care without realizing it.

To get a bit more in depth than my previous first thoughts, Remy has issues that have plagued him for years and has had to deal with them in a very unorthodox way. So when Brooke comes along he has to change everything he has done to stay “healthy” so that she will be a part of his life…. His REAL.

The sound track that was prominently displayed in this book has also found its way to my ipod. There are a few songs that when I hear then I am instantly back in the pages of Real. So kudos to you Katy Evans!

4 Stars for captivating me and insuring I will be reading the next book in the series as well!


*Given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review