Burn - Maya Banks Ash our bad boy with a taste kink finally gets his girl. Burn, the final book in the Breathless trilogy was pure Banks. Hot and sexy with some intrigue and drama thrown in for good measure.

Josie, an artist and uncherished submissive, meets Ash when he stumbles upon her in the park. He doesn’t know she has been painting him. Lost in thought contemplating who he is and what he wants after his two best friends have taken a different path, Ash doesn’t expect to find a woman that captivates him by just sitting. Unable to get Josie out of his mind he hires a PI to follow and investigate keeping tabs on her so that he may find a way to connect and get his collar around her neck.

In Burned we also get to visit with Jace and Gabe and all the lovely ladies we have gotten to know in Breathless. I was fun to visit with the gals on Ladies Night and the reactions they get from the guys.

My only negative was there are some questions left unanswered about Ash’s family. So I am wondering if there is in fact another book coming out? Gonna have to do some research to find out.

If you are a fan you are gonna love it. If you have never read her before make sure you start with book one.