Epiphany - Christina Jean Michaels
“For all the times I’d witnessed the murders of other women in my dreams, I’d failed to see my own.”

Enter into the mind of a psychic as she realizes she is now part of the dream world that foretells the future. It’s a gripping place to be within the first few pages of Epiphany. A bartender and secretive psychic Mackenzie has run away from problems and her past to start over. Mackenzie is weary and not in the mood to indulge her friend and neighbor to party and pick up guys. She has been under a siege for horrifying dreams. Dreams filled with the rape, torture and murder of women.

Deciding this is means enough to tie one on Mackenzie over indulges only to toss her cookies on a man she has seen before. Only they have never met in the waking world. She has dreamed of him for years in the most sensual ways.

Aidan is tied to these murders. But in what way and will Mackenzie be safe with Aiden or just another victim?

4 Stars for a murder/mystery with a New Adult feel.