The Reluctant Reaper - Gina X. Grant Looking for a little zany adventure into hell? Me neither but as far a story goes this is a quirky little book that may entertain you. I call these “waiting room books.” No thought process no plot-lines to keep up with. Just frivolity and a quick read.

Kristy a very naïve girl finds herself traveling into hell with the grim reaper. Ultimately she wants to get back to her life as she is somewhere in a coma. Kristy untimely death/coma was an accident and she needs to figure out how to fix it. Along the way we meet a host of characters.

I chuckled a few times but sadly not enough. Some of the one liners had me rolling my eyes. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a horrible book. I do see great potential in this series. I just won’t be along for the ride.

2.5 Stars (KT Book review rating of between I was OK and I liked it) Not bad really. So if you need a no brainer while waiting in line give it a go.

*Given via Netgalley/Threshold, Pocket Books in exchange for an honest review