She Can Scream - Melinda Leigh Brooke Davenport a high school teacher, mother suffers from survivor’s guilt. During her college years Brooke’s roommate is killed in the laundry room of their apartment building changing Brooke forever. No longer has the carefree girl she was before the marriage to her college boyfriends crumbled leaving Brooke a single mom to two teenagers. In addition to her teaching job Brooke also teaches a self defense class to the young girls in her community. Hoping to give out knowledge that can save a life.

It was after one of these self defense classes that Brooke hears a scream in the dense woods from behind the building. Joined by a janitor they run in saving a young girl from being beaten and kidnapped. Unfortunately the attacker gets away. This is where the story begins.

From page one the reader is in the mind of a killer. At first I was a little unsure if I wanted to be there. Fortunately we didn’t stay there long and Brooke’s story along with the introduction of Luke, her brother’s best friend, takes over. Luke suffers from PTSD after an incident overseas involving the death of a coworker.

Brooke and Luke make a team of sorts to solve the case of a would be kidnapper and stalker. Brooke’s life becomes in danger when the kidnapper sets his sights on her too. The story is fast paced the reader is invested and the case ends with a bit of a surprise.

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*ARC Given via the author/Monster Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review