Love in Darkness - E.M. Tippetts Love in Darkness is book two in this series. You do not have to have read book one as they flash back and you get the gist of it. Alex and Madison have been separated for two years. Each fulfilling mission trips for their Mormon church. Within weeks of their reunion Alex suffers his first psychotic break down. Delaying the reunion and forcing Alex to take a look at their relationship. Does Madison really know and understand the life she is buying into by being ties to Alex. A life of uncertainty and mental illness is not what he wants Madison to be a part of.

I found Alex to be very likeable. His inner demons and struggles are a sad insight into his illness. Madison is kind to a fault. The community they are a part of are both understanding and not. If you know nothing of mental illness you will walk away with a wealth of knowledge after reading this book.

My negatives…. Okay I know this book has high ratings and I myself am giving it 3.5 stars for information alone. Here is where I some issues. As a person that has worked with developmentally delayed and slightly handy-capable people I found Alex’s knowledge unrealistic. Not the knowledge it’s self but the fact that his character has a broad understanding of so many illnesses that people seek him out for advice. Let’s not forget he is a high school drop out with no trade school or college. Yes his mother has suffered from mental illness and growing up in that environment does give you a wealth of understanding. However he knows about paraplegics, autism, bipolar disorder and a host of other issues. Again not saying its bad, just unrealistic for someone of his age and education.

I do believe the author has a wealth of knowledge and is doing a service in sharing this so don’t throw rocks at me.

The ending was sweet so all in all 3.5 STARS
*Given via author in exchange for an hones review