Friday Night Alibi - Cassie Mae Well if you are looking for a book about unrealistic, wealthy young adults who lie to their parents and still go to church on Sunday you found it! Okay it’s not as bad as it sounds. But honestly I was beginning to wonder if I somehow misinterpreted the write up and stumbled into the Christian romance category.

You can get the gist of the book by reading the cover write up, but honestly, the entire book just seemed like a big tease. A lot of kissing and young adult angst. There is absolutely no sex as they are good Christians and all. But what’s so Christian about hiding your relationships and lying to your parents about it just so you can keep your trust funds? It all just felt like a lot of “poor little rich kid first world problems” to me.

I did read till the end as the writing is good. I wanted to see how it all turned out in the end. However after thinking it over a day later I give it a big ole “meh”.

I did find the give and take between Kelli and Chase to be the absolute best part of this book for that alone I gave an additional star. Changing my 2 star rating to 3 stars


**Given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review