Carniepunk - Kevin Hearne, Kelly Gay, Jackie Kessler, Nicole Peeler, Kelly Meding, Hillary Jacques, Allison Pang, Jaye Wells, Delilah S. Dawson, Rob Thurman, Rachel Caine, Seanan McGuire, Mark Henry, Jennifer Estep Carniepunk by Too many to name :)But I will name them any way!

This is what I call waiting room reading. In line? At the dentist? Sitting in the car waiting for the kids? If you like a bit of the creepy, macabre and slightly off type of characters or plots then this is for you. Carniepunk is also a great way to get to know many of these authors writing styles and genres.

This is a massive list of writers.
Rachel Caine
Jennifer Estep
Delilah S. Dawson
Kevin Hearne
Seanan McGuire
Rob Thurman
Allison Pang
Nicole D. Peeler
Jackie Kessler
Kelly Gay
Kelly Meding
Hillary Jaques
Mark Henry
Jaye Wells

Some I am very familiar with and others I haven’t heard of……until now. These are SHORT stories so I feel writing a review on each would number one, take forever and two give away the plots.They are short stories after all. I will say I found each story intriguing. Some authors I will definitely be visiting again. Caine, Estep and Hearne. Others, well I’ll need that night l so often mention ((nervous smile))

Great collection and a great way to check out a writer you may have never read before.

**Given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review