Escaping Reality - Lisa Renee Jones I was instantly captivated within the first few pages of this book. There was a thrill and a sense of action and mystery. Amy is in a public bathroom stall after getting an envelope from her handler telling her to run and ditch everything. She has been found and needs to get to the airport. Part of me wondered if there was some paranormal plot within due to the flashbacks she was having. It left me wondering if she was being transported somewhere. Amy heads to the airport and retrieves her next set of instructions from a locker and heads to the departure gates. Once there she makes eye contact with a sexy mysterious man. Well low and behold he sits next to her on the plane. My interest and intrigue lasted during the flight. Did he just drug her? Is he a good guy or bad guy? I was still invested but it didn’t last long. They make it to her new apartment and whatta ya know. Sex. They have sex. Did I mention at this point we are 50% into the book? Sigh.

This is where you lost me. Liam takes over everything moves her to his hotel across the street and pretty much buys her everything. Cause when you’re on the run from (still unknown to the reader…bad guys? Villains? Bullies? Heck we have no idea what she is running from and we aren’t getting any answers either)You have to stop for hallway sex right?

The job her “handler” has set up is nonexistent. The secretary is so transparent we can see she is suspect from the get go and the drool worthy neighbor? She feels a draw and a pull towards him but that too is confusing.

There are a lot of dominant sex scenes. They are steamy but toward the end I found myself skim reading. We are also left with a cliff hanger and I HATE cliffhangers.

So for me it just took too long not getting to a point and the insta love/sex/connection always bothers me.

Started strong but finished flat

**Given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.