Conquer Your Love - J.C. Reed Okay, how old is Jett? Cause so much has happened to him in his life and I am thinking he is what… 24 – 27?. I felt like the author was just throwing character back-story at him to justify actions in the ongoing story. So no necessary or believable. I don’t think the story needed it. Like book one, the sexy time is good. I like the addition of Jett’s friend however still not a fan of Brooke’s bestie. So immature and she just seems untrustworthy.

The plot is getting good. I liked the action as well. But just as book one it all seems so matter of fact and impersonal. I really would like more emotion in the writing. That being said I will check out book 3 when it comes out.


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*Book given by the author in exchange for an honest review.