MacRieve - Kresley Cole Well gang Nix the soothsayer has done it again. Set the wheels in motion trying to stop a war that threatens to take them all out. This time taking aim at MacRieve. He suffered horribly as a child and then at the hands of Web. Tortured in soul as well as mind MacRieve has given up and bought his one way ticket to hell. Literally.

Chloe. Daughter of Web has no idea the father she has loved doesn’t really work as a good guy. She has no idea he is enemy number one in the immortal world.

I gotta say. I just love Kresley Coles’ world of immortals. It’s like visiting friends you haven’t seen in awhile. Pure fun. Kresley can write one heck of a love scene. Not to mention a few intense scenes that had my chest hurting and eyes tearing. I always go through a wide range of emotion with Coles’ storytelling. MacRieve being no exception.

I gotta say this one is not all roses. MacReieve had me so mad in parts and so swept away in others that I really did form my own love-hate relationship with this Lykae. I won't go into details as I the book is fresh. But boy this man needed a @$$ kicking.

OH and we get a peek at the next book too!

A few fav quotes…

“The right place at the right time never comes to people standing still.” —CHLOE TODD, A.K.A. BABY T-REX, OLYMPIC HOPEFUL, UNWITTING IMMORTAL


“What good is it to be rich if we canna scrape up the scratch to buy a political prisoner on a whim?”

--She pressed a single soft kiss over his heart, having no idea he’d just given it to her.

--“Rónan, I’m fine. Now, why don’t you shove in a manpon and tug up your manties and PLAY SOCCER.”--Chloe