Fifth Grave Past the Light (Charley Davidson) - Darynda Jones My first thoughts after spending the weekend with Charlie and the gang….. Amazing, hilarious, touching, sexy, heart breaking, surprising and loving. There are so many other words I can use to describe the latest book by Daryanda Jones, but let’s be honest- it would fill the page and then I would still have to write a review.

First of all the wit and humor is spot on. The humor takes you by surprise and had me laughing out loud. A few times it just sneaks up on you and you find yourself bursting with laughter. “I’d rather be in Virgina” – T-shirt worn by Reyes.

The family – We get to visit them all. Cookie & kid, Uncle Ubi and sister.
The cases – Really good! I was guessing right up until the end on one and was so taken aback when I realized I had forgotten about it. Great move Darynda.
Reyes – Dear God. BEST. REYES. CHEMISTRY. EVER. And lots of it.
Charlie – A.D.D. at its best. Funny and amazing.

This was my first in a very long time listening to a CD version of a book. I took it to the gym and was instantly lost in Charlie’s world. A great complement to the voice speaking to me. I was done with my elliptical before I knew it. I was so lost in fact that I actually gave the machine an angry glance when I realized I had to stop listening and go home. Why was it interrupting my Charlie and Reyes time? Did it not know how long I had waited to get this book? Silly machine. I think I’ll name her Barbra.((winky face))

Truly Jones’ best book in the series. 5 AMAZING STARS


Release date: July 9, 2013

*Advanced reading audio copy received from St. Martin's Press publisher in exchange for an honest review.

5 FREAKING STARS! Truly her best book yet. Review to come.