Black Heart (Cursed Hearts, #1) - R.L. Mathewson So I was one of the many that didn’t know there was a new R.L. Mathewson book coming out so imagine my surprise when I saw a Face book post telling me it was on its way! I went into this blind cause let’s face it I would read anything this author writes even her shopping list.

After reading Black Heart I am not sure how to classify it as it shifts from one category to the next. This book starts out romance and moves over to PNF and ends up a lot like the Neighbor from Hell Series (WHICH I LOVE)

Tristan, he had me when he put his arms around the paramedics neck in the prologue. No matter what he did or how he acted throughout this book that mental image is what redeemed him and endeared him to me.

Marty, I liked her okay. I wished she was a bit grittier and had a tad more sass to her in the beginning. But she steps up and had me laughing midway and toward the end.

Now I won’t give away any major spoilers and I sure hope I haven’t already but I will say that R.L. has left this series wide open for many more books to come. Just like the NFH series I will be in line for each release. There is just something about a bumbling a$$hat that has no clue that makes me giggle.