The Dominant (The Submissive Trilogy, #2) - Tara Sue Me So I discovered that this is not so much a book two but a “read along” with book one, The Submissive, so basically the same book just the male perspective. I have to say based on that alone I don’t like it. I have always found the flip view of the same book just a money maker for the author. I usually don’t have an issue with this practice as most authors do this AFTER a series is done. So that it is more of a love letter to fans. But when it is done in the middle of a series??? Nope, not a fan.

So now my thoughts on the actual book. Meh. From the get go if you haven’t read book one you are a bit confused. When and where did they meet? How did she know he was into this? And so on.

I didn’t feel any connection at all to either character and it all felt like sex by the numbers. Not to mention I found Nathanial to be very much a selfish lover verses a dominate one. I am sorry to say The Dominant just didn’t do it for me.

1 Star
**ARC given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review