Forgotten Sins - Rebecca Zanetti Everything you could want in an action/adventure romance is in this book. Wow, just wow Rebecca Zanetti. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and Forgotten Sins is only the second of hers I have read. I think I may need to put the reading list on pause and explore all that is Zanetti instead.

From page one I was immersed in the Sin Brothers world. A glance into their childhood sets the stage for an adult Shane. Laying in a hospital bed with no memory. Then in walks his wife. A wife he left two years ago without a word. He is capable of extraordinary things. Hearing and heightened senses. But his every instinct knows one thing for sure, the lady that just walked in, is the love of his life. His mind may not know it but his body does.

Forgotten Sins is nonstop action and drama. It is a fantastic start to a new series. One I will be waiting for with anticipation. Never was I bored or voluntarily wanted to put this book down. I advise you run right out and get your copy.


ARC given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review