Charmed - Erica Ridley What’s a girl to do when her father is an angel and her mother a fairy Godmother? Be a tooth fairy of course. Cute premise for a story but, I just found it a bit weird for a wannabe tooth fairy to be getting it on with a hot professor. I guess when you have kids and Disney is a big part of your life, sexing it up just doesn’t feel right.

I wanted to like Charmed and to an extent I did. But as a whole it wasn't a very magical read. The back-story about her mentor secretly plotting to get her father was a bit silly. And truth be told I didn’t really like professor Trevor very much. His character just seemed mean when I think the idea was for him to be uncomfortably in love and adorably irritated. Nope, just seemed mean.

Talking horses, magical tele-porting frogs and pumpkin abounded. Premise cute but it just didn’t do it for me.

2 Stars
Given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review