Twisted (Dark Protectors, #5.5) - Rebecca Zanetti This is a Dark Protectors novella book 5.5 but, have no fear you don’t need to have read the first five in this series to enjoy this sexy little read.

Twisted begins with two people sitting opposite each other. The feeling in the room is one of irritation and annoyance. That won’t last for too long though. Maggie, a wolf shifter has lost all her memories up until ten years ago. Anything before that is a blank. She is also a wolf shifter and has lived with vampires during the last ten years to train and learn.

There is something disturbingly familiar about this man/shifter that sits in front of her. Terrent, with his beautiful accent that stirs memories has no problems remembering his Maggie. She loved him once. The question is can he make her love him again?

This is a sexy, sweet and funny story with great characters and if you haven’t read the series before, like me, you will certainly want to.

I can’t wait to slip into this world and see what I have been missing.

A solid 3.5 Stars

Release Date May 28, 2013
ARC given by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review