SEAL of Honor - Tonya Burrows ARC given by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Well hello Team Man Candy! I mean Team HORNET a private hostage rescue and negotiations team let’s meet them shall we.

Gabriel Bristow “Gabe” ex SEAL and Team leader
Jean-Luc, French hottie and team member
Jesse Warrick, Stetson wearing medic
Eric Physick “Harvard” computer geek
Ian Reinhardt motorcycle jacket wearing bas ass with an attitude
Travis Quinn, camo covered quiet one

When Audrey Van Amee’s brother, an American business man, is kidnapped and held for ransom by Columbian rebels. Audrey was the last person to speak with her brother as she was on the phone with him during his abduction. After frantic call to multiple agencies HORNET is called in to save him. Unbeknownst to them Audrey has taken it upon herself to find her brother on her own.

This is a high action romance that keeps the story moving along at a good pace. The attraction between Gabe and Audrey is funny and romantic. Great weekend read. Oh and LOTS of delicious man candy!

A solid 4 stars

Release date May 28, 2013