Quiver: A Book of Erotic Tales - Tobsha Learner ARC from NetGalley for honest review

1 Out of 5 STARS with a DNF label

Lawdy where do I begin. Right from the start I felt like I was reading a report of the two characters. Very cut and dry. No emotion. Even the sex scenes where very....

Step 1 put hand here
Step 2 now put it there
Step 3 orgasm
Step 4 the next day

I know this is a collection of short stories and not a book so there would be very limited character development. Having said that some time spent to humanize these people would have been great. I was all just so robotic. Also I have never been a fan of the "probed" terminology when talking about sex. At one point in a story the female says she felt the clit of the girl behind her touch her back when it became erect.......Uh are you sure it was a girl? Cause dang.

Had high hopes but sadly it didn't do it for me.... **Giggle Snort** No pun intended.