His Risk to Take (Line of Duty, #2) - Tessa Bailey I need a fan and some lemonade! Lawdy Mr. Dirty Talker. What a nice surprise you turned out to be. Troy Bennett, Chicago cop, now working in New York City is getting acquainted with a few of NY finest when she walks in. Ruby, part time student and part time pool hustler. Let the games begin!

"So, blue eyes. Why don't you stop staring and buy me a drink? I don't want to dehydrate before you work up the nerve"
“Ask nicely, and I’ll think about it.”
“Now where’s the fun in that?”

((Giggle Snort)) I am a sucker for good banter. So needless to say His Risk to Take had me by page 4. Well done you! Ruby and Troy hit it off right away. It comes as a welcomed surprise and relief. Troy has a small problem in the bedroom that tends to drive women away.

Prince Charming disappeared as soon as they made it to the bedroom.

A gentleman everywhere but the bedroom where out Mr. Bennett turns into a dirty talking sex god. Yes please. Ruby is up for the challenge but can she trust him outside the bedroom? When his case and her past cross paths Ruby has to decide if she can trust Troy to stick around. Troy has to decide if she is worth the risk and not repeating the mistake that drove him to leave Chicago.
His Risk to Take is a Novella. Stand alone. You don’t need to have read book one in the Line of Fire series to “get it.” I will however be running out to grab book one if it is anything like this one. A sexy alpha male with good guy attitude and a devil tongue. My lemonade needs ice……. Where did I put that fan?
((winky face))

ARC given by Entangled Publishing via Netgalley for honest review