Thin Air - Rachel Caine Wow where do I begin. Sometimes you just fall into a series of books that take you away. In this case I was taken away in an all American heavy metal car that that can kick ass. Joanna Baldwin is a weather warden, with a flick of her hand the weather above can move and change to help the world stay safe from natural disaster. But when an evil force tries to frame her Joanne hits the road taking it by storm.

When Joanne meets a handsome hitchhiker by the name of David things really heat up. This is a Djinn laden urban fantasy. Friendships are changed, loyalties are tested and the world as we know it will never be the same. The back story of characters are rich and flow seamlessly in Rachel Caine’s writing. No skim reading here. Fast paced and gritty I was hooked on book one Ill Wind and was sad when it ended.

Story Line 5*****
Charaters 5*****
Romance level 3***
Sizzle factor 5*****

"Power calls to power—always has, always will. " -Rachel Caine Weather Warden Series