Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse, #13) - Charlaine Harris Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse #13) by Charlaine Harris
T’s Review and thoughts


LOTS of ends being tied up here. It seemed as if every slimy douche who ever had a problem with Sookie slithered out from their prospective rock and took aim. Over kill? You betcha! The beginning POV’s left me guessing who these people were and was not in keeping with the usual outline of this series. I wanted more time being spent on a satisfying conversation between Eric and Sookie. I wanted an understandable finality to it. Not a slamming door that just shows immaturity. How many books did Bill and Sookie get to hash things out? Come on. It all just felt rushed and thrown together. Too much time spent reminding us who everyone was. What people did, trips to the market, gardening and house cleaning. The hook up with Sam wasn’t romantic to me. I actually rolled my eyes at the conversation right after. It seemed forced and I think more time setting that connection up would have served the overall ending much better.

I’ll be honest, for me, DEA should have been a love letter to the fans. A thank you if you will for allowing CH to have this amazing journey. It may sound presumptuous of me to expect CH to have these feeling just because I want her to but that’s how I feel. I have no issue with who Sookie ended up with. I get it. I understand the idea of it. The one who was always there. The best friend over looked. It’s a storyline that has been a favorite in movies and books for eons. I get that CH has the right to choose who her characters end up with, however that wasn’t the even a happily ever after for Sookie either. We were left with a “ if it works out okay… if not ok too??” I just don’t get it. Throughout this series it has been a” love can concur all” mentality. Doesn’t matter if you are human, Vamp or shifter right is right with some good Christian attitude thrown in. Although the Christian attitude tended to be a bit random.

I said it in my review of the last book and I will say it again. It just seems tired. CH was over it and was ready to move on. I wish her well and thank her for the ride. It was a wonderful ride and this series will go down as one of my favorites. Thank You CH!