Love Rehab: A Novel in Twelve Steps - Jo Piazza Laugh out loud look at break ups and the love hangover that inevitably follows. Two friends, One with a drinking problem and one with a “he dumped me for the secretary and all I do is stalk him” problem. After an AA meeting inspiration hits. Over pie and conversation love rehab is born.

Two friends with love and a sense of humor open their door and their hearts to woman that have been knocked down by love and need to learn how to deal. They debunk movie myths and fairytales with comical fervor. Develop their own twelve step program and become better. It’s like a mix of Sex in The City and Friends.

Learning to love yourself is a journey and Love Rehab is a comical, laugh out loud best friend helping you through.

If you have ever been dumped and slipped into crazy town for a bit or have a friend currently setting up residence. READ THIS BOOK! So worth it.