Lone Wolf - Jennifer Ashley I have never read the Shifter’s Unbound series before and that will soon change! Lone Wolf is a novella between books four and five. Don’t let that detour you as it very much stands on its own. You can sense feel a familiar-ness with these characters that I am sure developed in previous books. What that does is makes you want to go and grab the earlier ones and dive in.

The write up boasts Ellison as the main focus but after reading I think it clearly is Maria. Having been kidnapped, mistreated by feral’s, rescued and now living in Shiftertown. Maria is trying to rebuild a life. Ellison wants to be a part of that new life and is doing his best to convince Maria.

The back story is an action packed cub abduction plot. Again there are many characters involved that suggest involvement in earlier books. Once again making me want to grab up this series!

Lone Wolf is a great novella that is perfect for waiting room reading or a afternoon tea time read. Short, sweet and enjoyable. And the sex ain’t bad either!

3 out of 5 stars