Winter Reeds - Holland Kane This was a Goodreads Giveaway book.

Ok I want to be kind as the author sent me a very nice note and the book came in a timely fashion. Unfortunately I don't think this one is for me.

I have tired three times to read and finish Winter Reeds and have failed. Here is why. I feel no emotion or connection to the main charters. So much happens within the first thirty pages with very little world or character building. What I have learned is very little and I honestly don't like Mike or Katie. Here is what has turned me off.

The sex scene aftermath...wet t-shirt talk...ew.

Katie claiming to "hate careless people" when Mike accidentally hits a deer. Only to then get a kick driving erratic and "tempting death". Made no sense.

Mike asking if Katie is channeling her parents...wait what? where did that come from? More info please.

And finally Mike not manning up when he clearly sees Katy being bullied/harassed by Cole. What the hell? You want to be her man...well be a MAN.

The cover write up looked and sound really good. I think the over all story idea is a great one. I just found no connection or emotional ties to these people. Therefore felt no investment in finishing. Maybe I will try again later but for now I am gonna shelve this one.