Death, Doom and Detention - Darynda Jones GAH! I just LOVE Darynda Jones!

4 Stars! The kids are back with more mayhem and craziness in the high school hallways.

Lor, Brooklyn, Glitch, Cameron and Jared are back again. Our funny girl Lorelei is trying to figure out who she is and who dwells within. She’s working on new talents and the emotions that come with it. Due to all the emotions, I gotta say, this one wasn’t as funny as the first but I did have many laugh out loud moments.

So much going on here, Grandparents,lies, evil friends and demons wandering around.

Lor is a prophet, THE PROPHET and dealing with what come with that isn’t easy. A dark force takes hold of Jared making her question their relationship. I liked very much the relationship growth with her protector Cameron. Funny and sweet for sure.

I have nothing but love for this series. They are quick, fun, exciting reads and I cannot wait till the next one Death and the Girl He Loves.