Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley Own the Wind (Chaos #1) by Kristen Ashley

Our wild child Tabby, Tacks daughter from Motorcycle Man, finally gets her act together just to have her world crumble around her. The cover write up sets this one up for you.

Kristen Ashley is a modern day story teller. Getting lost in her worlds are one of my favorite past times. Chaos is a new series that derived from the biker family in Motorcycle man. I am excited for this new series as there are MANY stories to be told and kick ass biker dudes to drool over.

I found this installment sweet, heartbreaking and loving. The only negative I have is the Benito story line was kinda left hanging in the breeze for later books and the epilogue wasn’t Ashley’s usual signature roll that I have always been a fan of. It was a more short, to the point follow up. Kinda disappointing.

A major pro was the teaser chapter from the next book Fire Inside coming June 4, 2013
This one is going to be a hot one!

All in all I give it 3.5 stars
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