Dark Lover - J.R. Ward Welcome to Caldwell, New York. The would be king of the vamps lives here. It’s a twist in the usual storyline as the brotherhood is the protectors of their race. The Lessers are the bad guys. The Glimmera are the social elite snobs and humans are fodder pretty much unaware. This race of vampires feed on each other. Well the ladies that is. No humans are consumed in this version.

Wrath is asked by his fellow brother Darius to protect and help his daughter Beth. First he refuses, but when Darius is killed Wrath steps in. Little did he know what would befall him. Beth is transitioning and coming into her own vampire heritage. She knows nothing of this world or her father. What she thinks she knows will all be torn away with the truth of her new world coming into focus.

This book lays down the floor plan for the entire series. We meet the brothers and get a good dose of personality from each.

Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery.

Funny sexy brothers with funny sexy banter
Boo the cat
Thorment hanging out watching TV in Beth’s apartment
Beth realizing Wraths disability
Fritz tell Beth “We watched after you”
Butch walking into the mansion and meeting the brothers
Butch meeting Marissa for the first time and trying to “protect” her LOL!
Beth’s reaction to the brother pledge and battle cry :)

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