Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward All about our brother Phury right? Nope meet the Wizard. Oh boy this one kept us on our toes. I had whiplash keeping up with all the storylines going on in this one. Guess what LOVED IT! Phury had to battle his own demons and forget about his brother Z’s. Also forget about his brothers Shellan too. Our Lovely Cormia took care of that.

But really this one is a story of recovery on so many levels. Phury was and is one of my favs. His journey has been a long one and I am happy he has had his time to shine and get over being the martyr. So much in this one and if I go on I will say too much! As much as this one is about Phury, it isn't. I know many reviewers were a bit mad and thinking Phury was kind of robbed of his story. Due to so many storylines. I didn't feel this way at all. I like it very much. I like feeling updated and connected with all the BDB.

Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery.

John Matthew *fans self*
Cormia and Dirty Dancing (((love)))
Lavender purple bracelets
The return of a brother *tears*

Okay after reviewing my favorite moments I notice that Phury isn’t in there…….also during my reread I find, just like I did before, this one is more about John Matthew and the boys to me.


The countdown is on! Lover at Last is out March 26, 2013
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