Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright Super sexy fun read. This is my first Suzanne Wright book. Will I be reading more? Sure thing! I likes these two very much. An alpha male AND an alpha female. LET THE GAMES BEGIN :)

Not gonna get into too much detail cause lets be honest it goes like this....... snarl - funny sarcasm - sex - repeat - snarl - funny sarcasm - sex - repeat. Oh yeah a bit of plot thrown in there too. I did shed a tear. So it's not all sex.

Taryn is my kinda girl. Sarcastic, funny, kick a$$ and take no prisoners kind of a gal. Trey is all kinda sexy dominate.

What can I say it was good candy.


FINISHED! Review to come :)

I got this from looking at all the gifs alone! I am cracking up reading the reviews and all the picks?! OMG. OK off to Amazon ASAP!