Calculated in Death - J.D. Robb It’s the middle of winter and you are tired of looking at brown grass, your boots are getting far to scuffed and you are just tired of opening the coat closet doors. “What I need”, you say to yourself,” is a day at the beach”. A tropical getaway and a good stiff drink.

Calculated in Death has none of that. But as far as the read, it’s all that. Oh how I missed you guys! I gave Calculated in Death 5 stars. Yes 5 stars just because it was a breath of fresh air. Stay with me here folks. Cause ya might think me crazy.

The relationship with Eve and Peabody is pure gold in this installment. Long gone is the mentor/student relationship. True friendship has evolved. The banter between these two is simply hilarious.

Eve and Roarke = perfection. The yummy conversation over the current case is lovable and smart. They have never been better. With Eve’s past becoming just that, A thing of the past, they are really bonding and hitting a rhythm.

The gang’s all here. We visit the entire cast of characters in this one and get a glimpse of what is going on with each one. I like it when authors do that. It keeps me invested with my peeps. Summerset and Galahad are my favs.

It really was a day at the beach read. A warm fuzzy on a cold day. Time spent with people you love. The action wasn’t as prominent as it usually is. There was no emotional turmoil and anger issue Eve is famous for. Even the droids seemed to be on their best behavior.

I was expecting a thrilling ride and instead and left with a warm breeze wrapped around me. I can almost smell suntan lotion and coconuts. Thanks J.D. for the mini vaca.


Starting today! Review for Calculated In Death to come!

This is one of the longest book series I have read and one of my favorites. I began my journey with Eve Dallas a few years ago with Naked in Death. Set in futuristic New York City, homicide detective Eve Dallas works cases, busts balls and battles demons from her past; a woman in a male-heavy career field very close to burning out. Eve grew up in the foster care system, going from home to home. Once she became of age, off to the police academy she went. A need for control and a need to have order, rules, and morals was the push.

In book one Eve meets Roarke. Life as she knows it over the next 30+ books will completely change. Although each book is a new case, the evolution of Eve is a heart-wrenching, fist-pumping journey. We see hard edges soften, connections form and a new prospective of those rules, order and morals taking shape. Not everything is black and white. There is a lot of grey.

The biggest thread through out J.D’s In Death series is that love is great, but it damn sure isn’t easy. It takes work. I love seeing Eve “get it”, being that she has no point of reference of how love works. Her complete and utter lack of understanding basic emotions and relationships compared to being able to get into the mind of a killer is often funny. Not to mention her nonexistent fashion sense! LOL! Roarke has the patience of a saint, a hot, rich, sexy Irish saint that is! Eve learns how to be a friend and that having people in her life can be a good thing. With the help of Dr. Mira, Eve peels back the memories within her dreams to confront a past that her mind wants to reject during her waking hours. This journey is an ongoing back story throughout the series. I found myself championing her every step whispering out loud “you’ll be okay”. Silly, I know. But that’s what a good series does.

The secondary characters I simply LOVE. Peabody, Summerset (LOL), McNab, Feeny and Galahad. And who the hell is the candy thief? They are rich characters written with much humor and sarcasm. Always a plus in my book.

Now I said before that they live in ‘futuristic New York' but not too much. The world is still the same, but medicine has grown leaps and bounds,and travel to space is an everyday occurrence. Real coffee is limited and an extreme luxury. If that’s what the future holds I am in major trouble, ya’ll! Once Roarke found Eve's coffee weakness it was exploited :), but the best thing is a lovely machine that all you have to do is stock it with food and it cooks EVERYTHING!!! Long work day? No problem, I got dinner in five!

Now many know that J.D. Robb is actually Nora Roberts, but this series is NOTHING like the other Nora books I have read. They are gritty, hard, and edgy compared to the more sweet and romantic books that Nora is known for. The next book to come is Calculated In Death (In Death #36) which is to be released February 26, 2013.

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