Raid - Kristen Ashley Let me start by saying, Thanks KA for the unplanned new book AND the early release!

I discovered and fell in love with all things Kristen Ashley this past summer and DEVOURED all her books one right after the other. Unfortunately it left me in KA withdrawals. Then Raid was announced and all was right in the world.
(insert happy dance)

Another KA Alpha male with tell it like it is attitude and yummy sexy ways. So here is what I loved. Hanna’s Schwinn bicycle, Grandma, Spot the cat and best friend KC. Love the revisit of Knight & Creeds’ cast of characters.

Having Raid work and come to terms with his PTSD was an uneasy journey. But that is exactly what it is. Uncomfortable, unexpected and always underlining. Strong men find it hard to deal. KA maneuvered this story line really well.

My negatives are few. This was a relatively short read for a KA book. I hear she has been picked up by a publishing house and editing has come into play. I just hope she doesn’t lose the voice she has had in her books. I like it too much to want it to change. Also, her need to justify a portion of her book. Done in a blurb at the end. Not needed KA. You speak to a group of women that get it. Get you. Real women with faults and flaws but love them all.

All in all a good read. So give it a go.