Never Too Far - Abbi Glines 2.5 stars

This came out last night around 9pm and I finished around 1230. (250+ pages)
We got some verbal satisfaction from our ever self sacrificing Blaire. She grew some teeth there in the beginning. This one was a sticky mess.

Drunken bad boy pining for his lost virginal love – check
Keeping secrets in order to “save” the other – check
Lots o begging and pleading – check
Lots of makeup sex - check
Back to being a door mat – check


I was pissed…..PISSED at the events in the end of this one. Grow the hell up. This isn’t the love of a real man. A young selfish man child, maybe. So she takes him back and forgives him…. Sure cause that’s what her character does. But come on! Rush screams at his pregnant girlfriend, wait no, FIANCEE to get out of his car. He left her outside a locked dark house. AT NIGHT. ON HER OWN. Forcing her to walk MILES. Because that’s what a man does right? A man that loves you? WTF!?!?! After eight days, EIGHT days of no contact she welcomes him back with open arms and they live happily ever after? BULLSHIT I call BULLSHIT. I don’t care what the circumstances are and yes they were some heavy circumstances. No one does that. And if they do……. I have no words.

I really liked this book until the phone call about Nan. After that point you totally lost me. This is why girls think it’s ok for guys to treat them like shit. It is romanticized. Ok, ok, I know FICTION I get it. But come on.
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