Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren O.K.....I loved this one. *Giggle*

I give this one a middle of the road 3.5 rating.

I noticed looking through the reviews that either people LOVED or HATED this book. Anytime there is such a divide in option I have to see what the fuss is about. So after spending my day with Chloe and Bennett I wanna say.... to the 1 star reviewers, lighten up and to the 5 star reviewers, meh.

I consider a book like this candy. We don't really need it, empty calories but, damn it's good to sin a little. Every now and then a girl just wants a snickers.

It was a fun read. No earth shattering plot. Just two people with funny repartee and steamy sex..... well angry I hate you but damn this is good sex.

I say give it a go. Live a little and have some chocolate!