Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux Wow just wow. I am still in Ty and Zane mode the day after I finished reading this one. Talk about your emotional roller coaster……at Six Flags no less.

If any of you follow Abi Roux on Tumbler you know that she loves to torture her “minions” what she lovingly calls her fans. SO I went into this with a rabidly beating heart. Scared that my boys were gonna go off the deep end. I won’t give anything away but to say, DAMN woman you write good emotional roller coaster. I am wiped.

The gist of it. Ty takes a phone call and it’s a cry for help from his team. Zane tags along as back up and chaos ensues. There is a lot of back story sharing in the beginning. We get to see into the past a bit. We also learn a secret that will threaten the very base of Ty and Zane’s relationship. This implodes while Ty’s team watches it happen. Also an old frienemy popping up does nothing to help out with either situation. Oh and yes, I think Liam is an ass.

But really I think the heart of Touch & Geaux is Zane. He has and is dealing with addiction. The choices he makes when the chips are down also affects his life when they are up. Dealing with addiction is never a cut & dry thing. Abi keeping this in mind while continuing this series is a gold star to her understanding this issue. Kudos.

This was one of her best in the Cut & Run series. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
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LOVED IT! Review to come!

FYI Riptide released it early if you order it through them :)
Just got mine and settling in for the night!!