Damaged 2 - H.M. Ward Well this was vastly different from book one. So please no throwing rocks but......I didn't really like it. I know I know the diehards are gonna hate me. Honestly though? It seems as if book one and book two are written about two completely different couples. They were so childish and what was the deal with the towel? She didn't have those issues in book one.

They were so "hot for teacher in book one and then so angry and childish in book two.

Also what was he getting during lunch? and what was up with all the family secrets that where made obvious but WE didn't get the answers.

Also, no way in hell that house AND garden AND rooms AND deco was thrown together that fast. It just seemed unrealistic. It had only been a few days. Once again unrealistic.

I am sad to say I can only give 2 STARS.
Color me confused and sad.