Mismatch - Nana Malone ARC given by of CrushStar Multimedia LLC via NetGalley

I found Mismatch a cute surprise. It is very much a light and fluffy read. Prefect for what I call waiting room reads. No real brain work involved just mind candy.

My only negative was that I have many laugh out loud moments while reading Mismatch that I don’t think were intentional. Pardon me while my juvenile giggles return…..

,i>“Her release slammed through her quickly with the force to make her limp.”
For whatever reason all I could think was “is she walking somewhere?”

“—he had himself sheathed in seconds.

The animal was out and free—“

Okay… (wipes tears) “the animal was out and free?

And my absolute favorite the made me laugh out loud….
“She was blonde. She’d lost the wig in the hair tugging.”

Okay…. I guessed I missed the part beforehand that said she was wearing a wig?

Don’t get me wrong I am just having a little fun. For whatever reason these quotes just triggered my inner juvenile and I just couldn’t help myself. Light easy fluffy reading.

2.5 Stars out of 5