Liam - Abby Niles This is book two in the Awakening Series. Having never read book one I was a little unsure of what I was getting into. You don’t have to have read book one to get it! YAY! I like an author that can pull that off. Yes there are a few things that if you had read the first book it would be clearer however Niles gives you a little back-story so that you aren’t lost.

Liam, a shifter in love with a human, has been denied his love. She has shunned him and turned him away. Although there are reasons Ava has made this decision she cannot reveal them to Liam. Her sister’s life is a stake.

In Niles’ worlds of shifters once a male has bonded they are connected physically. So when Liam feels Ava die he is drawn to find her. Only Liam has been snared into an elaborate trap of revenge. What unfolds is a mystery and blessing for Liam and Ava.

A great read for a lazy weekend and the writing makes me want to grab book one ASAP.

3.5 Stars for sexy shifters and a fun mystery.

**Given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review