Redemption - C.J. Barry Reya Sinclair’s character fascinated me. I don’t think I have read a character like her before. She is for all intent and purposes a grim reaper of sorts. A Redeemer of Souls is her title. Asking those soon to part the earth if the truly repent their sins before death takes them. Redemption has a Final Destination (The movie) feel about it. Many of these people meet their demise is very dramatic and unusual ways.

Due to some of the unusual deaths, Detective Thane Driscoll takes notice. A cop known for bending the law and the truth to get criminals off the street, Thane is captivated by this woman in black. He has caught her several times on camera near or after the deaths happen. After meeting Reya Thane soon discovers all he thinks he knows about the world around him is just a microscopic portion of reality.

Redemption is a story of these two reliving some of their past so that we can get to the heart of the story. The future of the world depends on it. Good verse evil, dark verses light, who will win in the end?

Romance plays in the background. Not very high on the sizzle factor though. I feel it could have used a bit more sexual tension than what we were given. I very much like these two as a couple. I just wish the buildup was more about Reya and Thane connecting and less world building. But hey, it is book one of a new series so that is to be expected. A solid start to a new series.

3.75 STARS -

*Given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.