Lost Love (The Anthony Brothers #2) - Harmony Bryce
Lost Love is a short story, 57 pages. It is billed as book two in The Anthony Brothers Series. I have given this story 2 Stars by KT Book Review’s rating system as an Okay read. I can honestly tell you that Love Lost has the potential for a 4 or even a 5 star rating. Truthfully, to me, it felt more like an outline for a great book.

Markus, sulking and brooding over his recent break up, kicks off the book in the bar of his brothers wedding. That is until a sexy siren by the name of Savannah comes along spilling her drink all over him.
This is not their first meeting as they were once a couple in high school. I do love a story where second chance romance is the star. I always find it sweet. Discovering how they have changed over the years with the relation of how they have stayed the same. Its a good premise.

There was just too much cramped in 57 pages. I would have loved to have seen this story fleshed out more so that I could really connect to these characters. Plus a little sexy time could go a long way ;) we don’t get much as this is more fade to black.The writing style flows easily and is well done. So if you are looking for a short quick read this could be for you.

What I absolutely did LOVE is the cover. It’s beautifully done and draws the eye.


*Given via the author in exchange for an honest review.