Hunted: A Cyn & Raphael Novella (Vampires in America, #6.5) - D.B. Reynolds What I simply adore about D.B. Reynolds is that each installment of her Vampires in America series just keeps getting better and better. So many times an author adds in too many characters and once it has been awhile you can’t remember who anyone is. Not with Reynolds. Her characters are solid and memorable. I instantly know who they are and what relation they are to others in the vampire world.

Hunted is a great break between books. This novella has us reconnecting with all that is Raphael, the Vampire Lord and his lubimaya, Cyn. Hot doesn’t even begin to describe it. Hunted is packed with steamy sexiness that is the vampire lord and his Cynful ways. Lemonade and a fan are essential tools while reading.

We also get to visit with the lovable and playful Lucas and his acushla, Kathryn. The banter Cyn and Raphael have about inducting Kathryn into the Mates Club…. ((winky face)) Aden is also introduced and we get a glimpse at the vamps personality and perhaps some shortcomings. I think he has the potential to be a really great character and I am super excited to see you Reynolds has planned to bring him to his knees. (Aden will be out later this year)

We also get some throwback to Cyn’s work ethic and kick ass persona. Cyn and Bobbi never fail to impress and lighten a mood with their sass and demeanor's.

What else can I say other than Vampires in America fans are going to LOVE Hunted.